Are you an Illinoisstuck, Indianastuck, Michiganstuck, ACENstuck, or any combination of the four?

Are you a girl?  Do you like girls? Are there females in our local fandom community that are important to you?

If so, STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING. Just for a few minutes. Stop scrolling your dash, stop checking facebook, and stop reading the update because the safety of you or someone you care about could depend on the circulation of the information in this post.

We’d like to bring to attention a specific person that we consider to be a major threat to the members of our community, particularly those who are underage and/or female. You may know him as either Jesus Feliciano, Jesse Feliciano, or thattallsummonerguy on tumblr. He’s 22 years old, Latino, and 6’3, if you need a memory jogger. He entered the fandom community when he attended Acen this year. (as 50sstuck Equius/Friday, The Summoner/Saturday, and Male Nepeta/Sunday) He has since been attempting to climb the local homestuck social ladder as a means of gaining power and influence among the community.

His intentions are extremely sexual in nature, and he is known to have tendencies toward violence and mental instability. This man is manipulative, persuasive, meticulous, exploiting, and extremely dangerous.  His reputation is that of a con man and womanizer with no respect towards females. He is known to have past experiences with the law regarding violent behavior. He is extremely skilled at initially coming off as kind and charming, but later putting women in situations in which it is extremely difficult for them to say no (even if they would have, operating under their normal judgement). He manipulates women (often more than one at a time) by preying on their insecurities and putting them under the false pretenses that he finds value in them.

He has already been banned from the recent boating meetup, and the upcoming Funway meetup and Illinois Promstuck event. He’s pending a permanent ban from all future Homestuck meetups.

This Saturday, (May 26, 2012) he is hosting his own Homestuck meetup. We are advising everyone NOT TO GO TO IT. We’ve been informed by a firsthand account that knows Jesse personally (linked at the bottom of this post) that his intentions with this meetup are far from innocent. He was reported to have gone to Elgin Community College spreading around that he had an event planned with 30 confirmed female guests and needed other guys to gather up as many of them as possible back to his place to “fuck them.” This meetup was originally to be held in a public park, but has since been moved to a private residence (presumably his own).  It is unsafe and unadvised for anyone to attend a meetup of any kind that is hosted at a stranger’s house rather than a public place—especially one with circumstances such as these surrounding it.

As a means to discourage people from attending his meetup and keep as many people as safe as possible, an alternative meetup was planned at Funway in Batavia, IL on the same day. This meetup will include go-karts, mini-golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and water wars. (please message for more information)

For those of you who are not aware, a large majority of the local Homestuck fandom is female, and a very large portion which is underage. Anyone that would prey on the insecurities and naivety of underage girls and exploit them for sex is absolute scum;  it’s completely unforgivable.

He’s already begun to victimize himself and try to garner support and sympathy by trying to play the nice guy who’s been accused of being a rapist. Which brings me to another point. No one is accusing him of being a rapist. He’s dangerous, yes—but a rapist is a person who has committed rape. To the best of our knowledge, this has not occurred. As we have no intention of spreading false information, we would like to STRONGLY discourage the use of the r word.

The intent of this post is not to start drama or to drag anyone’s name through the mud for being a jerk. The purpose is to ensure the safety of the members of our community. If there were a more elegant approach, we’d take it—but unfortunately, there is not. The only way to keep as many people safe as possible is to circulate this information as widely as possible. Our community may have skirmishes. We may argue and fight. But when it comes to things like this, protecting our own, we are the fandom that is unwilling to accept such behavior. It’s 100% unacceptable. We are the fandom that said NO.

Ladies, this should serve as an important reminder that you are valuable no matter what. Never, ever let somebody convince you that they are the only one that thinks so. Never depend on another person for you to feel good about yourself, because they may take advantage of it. Don’t trust every person that you meet, and ALWAYS place your personal safety above everything else. You are more important, and you always will be.

Please circulate this. Reblog it. Post it on Facebook. Tweet it. Get it trending. Send it to Hussie. I don’t care. Do whatever it takes to keep yourselves, your friends, and your followers safe.

VIDEO LINK: A personal testimony from someone who personally knows Jesse


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